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3MMI - The Art of Pierre-Alain DThere’s so much talent in the world of digital art, but sometimes an artist captures a style that you simply can’t look past.  You’ve got to stop and have a good look!

Pierre-Alain’s art has that effect.

Pierre-Alain has a very dark and intense vision for his art. Upon visiting  his website at 3mmi.org and you’ll instantly get a taste of his intense artwork and know why.  His style seems to match that of his musical taste (having worked in the music industry), as he lists in detail the heavy metal bands he listens to.  One in particular being Tool – who are known for their visually dark and artistic music videos which have a style similar to Pierre-Alain’s.

You’ll see some dark images, mostly with dulled color and a very dark atmosphere but Pierre-Alain’s ability to take extremely detailed and complex art and give it a very distinct focal point, is what really attracts my eye.  Using simple things like a triangle, or a great sense of spacial depth, each image really manages to pulls you in – each with a gritty edge.

Pierre-Alain uses Photoshop to create his Photo Manipulated art, and after a close look you can see the level of skill and technical knowledge he has acquired.

Pierre-Alain’s  mastery of Photoshop isn’t his only skill though, with a vast range of abilities that have some bloggers referring to him as a “one man graphic army”, Pierre-Alain can do just about any work asked of him, but often choose to stick with what he loves most – digital art.  It definitely pays off!

Being an in demand digital artist (as well as illustrator and website designer), Pierre-Alain is at a point where his skill is reserved for the type of art he enjoys best, opting to avoid certain services like Logo design. “This is not my favorite skill, so most of the time, I would say “no”, anyway, when inspiration comes, I sometime make some, specially when I’m already working on the band cover artwork, for example, or on the rest of the project.” is how he explains it, often even turning down website design stating “ I can [design websites], but images are my priority“.

His work has been featured in several magazines and websites (being a daily feature on Deviant Art and Shadowness multiple times).  So if you haven’t seen any of his work, scroll down and see some of his best, otherwise you can check out his website for more!