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4 Basic Pages Every Website Needs

If you own or run a website, chances are these pages won’t be unknown to you.  But it’s crazy just how many websites either don’t have or have completely misused these 4 pages.

I explain above why they’re important and how they should be working for you.


Well, you have no choice – every website has a home page!

But many visitors meet a home page with a bunch of updates, bland boring information that doesn’t serve a purpose.  You see, when people land on your website they’ll either land on the homepage or a page elsewhere and want to investigate further. They’ll do this by heading to your home page afterward.

This is when you need to make an impression.

You want to be able to summarise visually who you are and what you do.  Also, if you have any goals in mind like getting people onto an email list or entice them to call you for business, you need that Call to Action clear on the home page as many will simply be looking for the next step to get things moving in regards to your offer.

Treat your home page like a visual portal, it leads to enquiries, subscriptions, sales and also summarises the various sections of your website so people know where to go to get what they need.


The second most visited page on your small business website after someone has landed is usually an about page.

People want to figure out if they trust you, so they go looking for the details – who you are, what you do, are you professional? 

You want to answer these questions on your about page and back things up with photos of you, your team or your business in action.  This all helps to generate trust so people feel confident in dealing with you.

An about page’s main function is to offer that personal information and generate trust and awareness of who you are.

It’s also a prime place to put your call to action as they may cross that line whilst on the about page, a convenient CTA button will work wonders.

Products or Services (or both)

If you’re trying to make money with your website, even if it’s just through enquiry, you need to let people know what it is you do. If they can’t find this information here’s what can happen:

  • They’ll just bounce and go elsewhere
  • They may get the wrong impression, call you up and waste both their time and yours – which can give you a bad reputation!
  • if you’re lucky, they may fluke it and contact you for something you actually offer without even knowing if you do.

Here’s the good part. You can educate people and you may even unintentionally upsell a service or product you visitor didn’t know you offered or even existed.  Also, instead of calling you up with 1000 questions they may find the answers they need in your comprehensive website.  You can save time and therefore money!

Contact Page

Simple – if people can’t find your details they can’t contact you. People do this all the time and hide their contact details on some random page.  Call the Page ‘Contact’ or ‘Contact Us’ as people go looking for those words specifically.

Even if you dont require contact to do business, you may miss opportunities by neglecting this page.

Bonus Tip: Make your Contact or Call to Action effortless to find. Place it on every page, in your header, sidebar and footer so people never have to look for long to take you up on your offer.

Not ground-breaking, I know…

It’s good old fashioned common sense that people seem to overlook.

Keep this information in mind when building or updating your website. They’re all quite common because they work and people are programmed to use these pages without thought.

I hope you found that useful!  Again, thanks for reading and have an excellent day!

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