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My name is Wade McMaster, I’m here to help you with your website, branding and general ‘image’ of your business, club or whatever it is you’re looking to face lift.

I love design and art.  I’ve been doing this professionally for well over 15 years in Maryborough/Hervey Bay andthe Fraser Coast – with clients all over the world. So I thought I might give you a bit more information about everything I do.

So below I cover what I can offer the help you, as well as some background on my expertise and even just a bit of information on myself.  I want to get to know you!  Since you’re here, I’ll put everything on the table.

I’d just like to personally introduce myself and say Hi!

This website revolves around offering you functional design. To create websites and designs that not only look fantastic but guide readers and user toward a final goal.  This is how websites and powerful branding can grow your business.

Reach More People

How can I help you?

I’m a designer, and the purpose of my work is to help you reach more people, generate more leads and make more sales.

Most designers will focus on making things pretty, we do that too but I want to help you grow your business and represent yourself properly. The best way to do that these days is online.

People use Google and Facebook constantly these days.  So I focus on creating solid websites that show up in Google when searched for, and I help people bring their social media presence up to par so when they’re discovered on Facebook they make a good impression.

But I don’t just offer these Web Design and Social Media design alone, but a range of others including graphic design for print and other media as well as logos and branding.

So I ask – what can I do for you? If you have an answer or question of your own please don’t hesitate to contact me.

You can also check out my services page for more information on the services I offer. I’ve been doing this for a long time and love my work.

My work is also my passion. I’m a visual person by nature but also love dissecting an image or design to see where it goes, what’s stands out to the viewer first, where it guides them and the overall message or feeling it projects.

Blind Eye - My first website at the age of 15!

My expertise

A first created a website when I was 15, in 1999. The next year I had my first client, designing a website for a place called school shop Australia.  I continued on designing logos and images in my spare time while maintaining my own online portfolio called Blind Eye Design.

By the time I left school I had already designed professional level work for people and it was out in the world.  That excited me!

That was over 15 years ago!

Since then I received some formal qualifications and have been working in this industry full time for 15 years. I’m known among my network as the designer, the web guy, the guy who has the answers for “all this online stuff” as I’ve heard being referred to very often.


A little bit about me

I do have an existence outside of this stuff.  I’m a massive geek, movie buff, fan of heavy metal music, a dedicated blogger fitness fanatic and martial artist.

Outside of design, I’m known most for my Martial Arts background.

I’ve been studying a number of arts for over 10 years earning a 3rd Degree in BJC Muay Thai and a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This is all a byproduct of my passion for superheroes and movies, combined with my love for fitness.

I’ve run several personal blogs over the years.  Some have come and gone, including a Fitness website called Fitness for Humans, a Transformers website in an attempt to make money from the Transformers fandom that was revived with the films years ago.

But a number of websites have stuck, I have a Martial Arts movie website which gets 1700 – 2000 visitors a day, earns me a nice sideline passive income and is the testing ground for a lot of the conversion and traffic strategies I talk about.

I also run two other design sales sites targeted at specific audiences – Martial Arts Designer for Martial Arts clubs and Businesses, and We’ll Build Your Blog – designing and educating affiliate marketers and bloggers on how they can grow their presence online.

I’m also an artist, both in the digital and physical realm.  Hence the ‘Art’ Section of this website!


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If you want something designed, need a quote or simply want to discover more about how I can serve your club or business then drop me a line. Let's do this!

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