Web Designers Based in the Fraser Coast

Wojciech Magierski is a digital artist who has managed to create some stunning work in recent years.

A graphic designer from Poland, his focus seems to be specifically on photo manipulation and illustration after discovering as a teenager that he could start painting digitally in Adobe Photoshop as opposed to on paper of canvas.  His passion and dedication as now made him an in demand designer with extraordinary skill.

Wojciech uses his environment and anything surrounding him to inspire his artwork, sometimes finding ideas among the work of other tops artists digital artists.  Ultimately he has a very keen eye for detail and each picture he creates has his very distinct look.

Simply by browsing through his Behance Portolfio you can find some amazing work from a wide range of different areas – obviously there is an emphasis on Photoshop, but also a little 3D work, as well as some pretty neat logo designs.

It’s really impressive stuff and well worth the look!  We’ve included some of his best work below but you can also check out his Behance Portfolio or Official website for more info!