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Doing Portraits isn’t something I do a lot.  But it’s always a fun process – providing you don’t screw it up at some point!

Bruce Lee being one of my heroes, I always intended on doing a portrait of him in lead pencil, so actually I sat down not long and actually did it! It’s a simple process of finding a photo for reference, drawing up a vague outline and then working from one end to the other, recreating areas of shade improvising on some of the detail and trying not to smudge lead everywhere from your hand.  Work form left to right – or right to left if you’re left handed.

You can see a bit of progress below showing me shading form top to bottom, as I have the paper rotated a little when I draw (I keep rotating it around as I go!).

progress of Bruce Lee Sketcha

It’s not the best portrait ever, there’s a few proportions that are a little out, but the overall look is good!

Here’s the final pic…


Thanks for checking this all out! Feel free to leave a comment below.