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Welcome to WadeMcMaster.com

wademcmasterHi, welcome to my Portfolio & Personal Blog. 

I’m the guy in the cheesy photo 😉

This website is a vehicle for me to show off my artistic side and write about whatever stuff floats into my head. So expect to see all kinds of art, design and anything I create which I’d like to proudly show off like a little kid with a new toy.

My specialties are in digital art, graphic design and web design just in case if you’re wondering what to expect along with a lot of pop culture references and art which I design for T-Shirts & other items. I also display art by other people I find striking, and talk about random off-topic stuff you probably don’t want to hear about – but hey it’s a blog (lol)!

I’ve put a brief description of what you can find below.

  • Home – um, right here.
  • About – about the website and about me (just a little bit)
  • Blog – where the action happens, where I put all of my portfolio pieces and blog posts
  • Shop & Services – a list of places you can hire me to design & create or shop my products (apparel & gifts) online.

Take a look around,  I hope you enjoy the things I publish on this website.

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