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I'm a Huge Metal FanMetallica, Trivium and Slipknot – probably my top 3 favorite bands of all time.

I have a network of friends and family who all mosh out to some metal on a regular basis.  It’s music that helps get out aggression, has a message and helped me get through a lot of shit in my time.

So yeah, I’m a fan.

This isn’t the most original idea of all time, but I saw this concept elsewhere and noticed that the design always looked really crappy. A crappy fan, the text was plain, had no personality or even resembled that of a heavy metal T-Shirt. I want it to resemble an old metal (Metallica or similar) shirt you see metal fans wearing, well , a LOT.

Here it is – I’m a Huge Metal fan. On a few different products:

im_a_huge_metal_fan_pedestal_fan_tshirts-re790384728b94931be7372d6c586c69c_va6lr_325.jpgMen’s Shirt

womensWomen’s Shirt

im_a_huge_metal_fan_pedestal_fan_infant_creeper-r7f1c221e227c46129c1392fb537ac4ea_j2nhc_325.jpgOne for the baby too!

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