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Martial Arts Action Movies is a popular blog I created & designed  which discusses Martial Arts movies, actors and anything related to the world of martial arts!

Before the website was created though, I had to design a logo, here’s the latest variation:

This website has gone on to become highly popular in it’s niche and can be considered an ‘Authority’ website. This design also had the purpose of loading quickly and driving visitors toward signing up to an email newsletter, by offering a Free E- book. It seems to grow quite steadily and has received a lot of positive feedback for the design.

I assembled the home page to advertise the free E-book and gain email subscribers, followed by a link to the blog and several ‘featured posts’ to more easily give the readers what they want – awesome content.

This design also features a few slide in animations for that extra bit of eye direction.

The main template of the website is then set up with a similar goal  but secondary to the content, gaining subscribers at the top of the sidebar, followed by featured posts.

I’ve also designed a few social media profiles for the website to help spread it’s message.

The Facebook Page:


The site itself has now been up and running for about since 2012 and has a strong following and receives a respectable 800 – 1200 visitors a day at the time of writing. This website has been a fun one to work on, check it out here for a closer look!

Once again. Thanks for reading 🙂