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It’s only fitting – this is my first post so I’m going back to the old skool days! I first started playing around with Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro back in 1999 when I was 15. 

My god that was ages ago…

So I spent a few years in high school creating wallpapers and websites. While I will get to the websites later, I thought I’d share some of my very early work from well over 15 years ago!

You’ll see a lot of band and song references, ‘mouse-drawn’ images and designs with a LOT of Photoshop filters applied over the top.

High School Days

The Bear slipknot PRESSURE Blind Eye Backwards adidas Orgy Linkin Park Linkin Park Tri Shotgun XII Papa Roach What is Normal Mcmaster Design3 McMasterDesign2 Mcmaster Design


After Highschool I did a Diploma of Multimedia (yep that’s right, I’m telling my life story, don’t get too bored here). Here’s a selection of stuff that I threw together in my spare time or during class.

The Diploma Days

digital1600 i cow signal stylise rockdude tenticle FETUS eye_2 Eye of technology 1280 x 1024 spike RESTRICTED2 yoda cut-out TV facer