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Photo Restoration

If you have a photo damaged with age, we can fix it. We can add colour to a black and white photo or even clean up or sharpen a fuzzy picture.

Breathe new life into damaged photos.

In the past we’ve taken photos that are covered in stains, holes, and blotches, and cleaned them up into crystal clear images that look like they were taken yesterday.

Some photos have that sentimental value and cannot be replaced. Why not scan, digitise, and fix them, so you have them forever, preserved digitally?

Here are some of the things we can do to your photos:

  • Clean up blotches, holes and stains
  • Recolour photos
  • Sharpen and clean up
  • Adjust lighting
  • Correct poor colouring (including heavily tinted photos)

We of course provide you with a digital file which is endlessly reproducible. Contact us today for more information!

To see more of what we can do and some samples, check out our Photo Touch Ups and Manipulation Page.

Photo Restoration Sample

Photo restored by Wade McMaster. 

Original damaged photo is licensed for use under Creative Commons 2.0, shared by Tony Alter.

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