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Ka-Pow Coffee

Logo Design by Wade McMaster

Ka-Pow Coffee logo - designed by Wade McMaster

This is the logo I proudly proclaim more than any other!

My friend Ryan told me he had bought a Coffee Van, and that he wanted it to be superhero themed. As he told me the name and idea he had in mind, it mirrored my thoughts exactly and I knew this was the perfect job for me – and we both enjoyed crafting this brand.

So we came up with a base logo, for use in simple areas:

Kapow Main Logo

But where a lot of the effort went was into creating the mascot, who I call ‘Kaptain Ka-pow’, a superhero delivering a cup of coffee:

Mascio Design of Superhero holding coffee

Next, we moved on to the Coffee van itself, designing it and getting a local sign shop, Decal Central (now closed) created this amazing result.

Since then we’ve had fun with the brand and Ka-Pow Coffee is only getting stronger!

Please Note: due to ongoing projects and commitments, I am no longer accepting new customers, or taking on any new design work for the forseeable future.

Thank you for your support!

~ Wade McMaster

Wade McMaster Web Design & Graphic Design Logo - Emblem

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