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I’ve always had a thing about drawing aliens, especially when I was 18.  I drew Kung Fu Aliens, animated one (see here) and have even created a video showcasing how to change a photo of a person into an alien!

But I haven’t taken the time, until now, to draw and create a digital art version of a modern day alien. Considering the modern day culture of of being withdrawn from the world and projecting selfies out into it, I thought I’ draw this as my own statement on just how ‘alien’ this behavior is to our actual nature.

Plus I I just thought it’d look cool, I’m not trying to change the world with my art…. 😉

As usual, I like to show a bit of progression:


It was originally intended to have the T-Shirt & arm, but I thought it looked ‘neater’ with it encompassed by the main elements (head, phone, accessories on those). So the final product looks like this:

Selfie Alien Digital Art

As with a lot of my newer art, I’m doing my best to make prints and products of these available. So I have made available some framed art prints and canvas prints, along with some shirts, singlets and hoodies.

As usual, thanks for checking out my art!  If you have anything you’d like to say, feel free to leave a comment below!  Cheers 🙂