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wipWhen I was a kid I was very much alongside all of my grade 1 school buddies and fell in love with a little cartoon called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

It’s actually kind of the seed behind my obsession with Martial Arts… before Bruce Lee entered my view anyway 😉

I used to draw all of the Ninja Turtles and occasionally draw Shredder. But as an adult looking back, Shredder was a guy who could really look bad ass with the right tone and mood. so I put some effort in and drew this picture below:


I really like taking classic character design and changing some of the style proportions to my own personal style.  So I knew I had to make this a piece of digital art.  So I scanned it in and started adding levels of colour, texture and shading. I eventually ended up with this:


As always I had a tonne of fun creating this. So thanks for checking it out and reading this blog post!