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“This is a Total Sausage Fest” Shirts, Hats & Apparel

This is a Total Sausage Fest

If you’re a guy, you know what this is all about. You get to party, looking to mingle with the ladies and surprise: nothing but other dudes.

Total Sausage-fest.

I have been to a few dry parties in my time, so I decided to create some clothing to help you express your feelings about certain parties without having to say a word – and added them to my Zazzle Store…

You can go for the shirt…

Sausage Fest T Shirt

Available here

and/or the trucker the cap….

Total Sausage Fest Trucker Cap

Available here

Being in my 30’s now, I think of all of the BBQ’s I go to. So I thought it’d be cool to hand over an apron to whoever is in charge of the “sausage cooking”. Hence, the apron:

Total Sausage Fest Apron

Available Here

I’ve applied this design some other items like a carry bag & phone cover, but the above items I think are the most suitable for letting your friends know – hey, you suck and there’s no ladies.

Again, thanks for reading and as always – anything you’d like to see me design, leave a comment below and I’ll see what I can do!

If you want to see more, check out my online Zazzle Store!


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