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Yes, I am a major geek.

Everyone says it these days, especially perfectly non-geeky people but the word has a certain positive social attachment these days.

But I seriously am.  Want proof?  Here’s a photo of me standing in front of roughly one third of my Transformers toy collection…


Doesn’t look like a hell of a lot, but how many 30+ year old men have toy collections?  Yeah I know, more than we’d care to admit.

But hey, being an awkward geek with a bunch kids toys is cool, especially when you consider the artistic possibilities. I stopped buying these several years ago, now I have an addiction to buying movies on Blu-ray instead.  It’s a lesson I didn’t learn well!

But I did start taking photos and turning them into more dramatic and eye catching art and people seemed to love the results.

Below is a gallery and below that is a few videos showing off the process.  So scroll down below to see how my geeky obsession turned to digital art…

thick of battle Starscream Rodimus and Metroxplex Optimus & Megatron Nemesis Prime Make Tracks Leornard Nimoy Tribute Join the Transmission Jazz Blaster Galvatron Fire in the Sky Drift Decepticon March Bruticus Behold Galavatron Battle Damage Optimus

How were they made?

It’s been covered in this post on another site of mine, but basically I take a photo, import into photoshop, cut it out and add lighting and effects to it. So below are 3 videos showcasing each step of the creation process. They’re sped up videos and interesting to watch (well, I reckon anyway).

aaaand it doesn’t end there.

I’ve drawn pictures like the one you’d recognize in this post, and I also created a poster for my nephew, which I will show as the final piece of this ‘transfolio’. It was a drawing, scanned and coloured and finally polished off in photoshop.

So it starts..

Megatron Drawing

and finally…

Megatron Final

That’s the best stuff, but there’s more and will definitely be more in the future. As always, thanks for checking out my work!  If you’d like to see more don’t forget keep connected on FacebookTwitter or bu subscribing to my newsletter at the top of my sidebar.

Thanks again!