Valentine’s Day Mugs – to impress your lady friend.

valmugSmooth. That’s I how you want to be on Valentine’s day.

Buy some flowers, kiss the hand, hand over the mug with a romantic message. You won’t regret it 😉

I’ve got a couple I’ve designed right here that I think you’ll appreciate and can order online. Show her one of these and she’ll go a little weak at the kness, or possibly get violent. Not sure…

Below are the designs I put together for this lovely occassion…

Happy Valentine's day, now get me a beer?

Available at Zazzle

Happy Valentine's day, you have a nice rack.

Available at Zazzle

Happy Valentine's day, now get me a sandwich

Available at Zazzle

Got an idea you’d like to see?

Leave a comment below and i might be able to release a product just like it!  Also check out my other store for more.  Thanks for reading 🙂

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