Web Designers Based in the Fraser Coast

Note: This blog refers to the original design for this website, and has since been redesigned to what you see now!

So I’ve been chipping away at this site for a few weeks, designing, adding artwork and getting it ready for launch.  Now the day is here!

Now it’s designed, I kinda wanna do another one – it was so much fun!

I didn’t want to stick to the usual flow of design , I wanted this site to be really unique and outstanding – something I can call my own really. While it’s a platform for my digital art, design and art – this first design (oh yes, there will be more) is based around my more artistic, drawing side.

So I drew this design, scanned it in and coloured it digitally. Something I love to do.

Me Holding the Drawing

You’ll see a drawing of me holding the navigation bar in my mouth with my hands holding the content…


Of course, I put some feet at the bottom just to be complete…footer

There’s a few  little touches throughout the site I tried to make unique.  One of the most notable is the comment section, I added another drawing of myself to try and entice some discussion, once again it’s drawn and scanned:


The rest you can see by browsing around!

If this is your first time on my site, check the blog and have a look around for some art (not just by me).  But don’t forget to connect via Facebook or subscribe to my email newsletter (top of the side bar – see the hand holding the bit of paper!).

Thanks for reading, checking out my site and making this worth doing.  If no one looked at it I’d just be wasting my time! If you have something to say please leave a comment below.  Cya!