Web Designers Based in the Fraser Coast

So I recently made my Web Design sales website go live – it’s called ‘We’ll Build Your Blog’ (you can check it out if you want!).

I redirected all of my Design Web Identity posts to this new site and now I’m doing more website & blog design work myself for people all over the world – using multiple websites (including this one you’re on right now)

But with the release of the site I tried to make the layout as outstanding as I could, so I’m here to show it off.

First thing I did was create the logo itself, clean and basic:


Then of course the layout has come after that, starting with the basic blog template and a ‘no distractions’ page template with no sidebar…

Blog Layout'No Distractions' Page Layout without a Sidebar

Finally I created a Landing/home page which covers a lot of important information which needs to be delivered to users nice an dearly in their visit:

I used the Thesis Theme to build this website, because of the awesome flexibility you have.  However it is a bit difficult for the average blogger to design in, something like Divi is better suited to the average WordPress user.

I also spruced things up a bit some slide in animation through out the site to give it some ‘gee that’s noice…’ factor.

It was a fun project and naturally I continued everything over into Social Media like Facebook & Twitter:

Facebook Twitter

I wanted it clean and consistent with a recognizable brand, and also I wanted to be transparent, putting myself out there so people knew who they were dealing with (well, what that person looks like at least).

If you need a website done like this – check out my Web Design Page for more info

Once again, thanks for reading and checking out my work!